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Paranormal Science Lab is a research group based in the Joplin, Missouri area. PSL focuses on investigations in the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas region. Paranormal Science Lab does not charge for its services to investigate and to conduct research. PSL has extensive experience investigating private residences, commercial properties and historic sites. PSL works with individuals experiencing paranormal activity in a confidential setting. PSL also has established relationships with historic sites to promote community awareness and conduct public ghost hunts to benefit preservation and maintenance of these sites which are not supported by public funding. Paranormal Science Lab approaches paranormal research from an empirical, scientific approach designed to result in objective evidence documented by photographic, audio and environmental measurements. Our members come from a variety of occupational backgrounds adding to a diverse base of knowledge and experience.

We invite you to contact us with your experiences with the paranormal, whether to add the experience to our database of information, or to request an investigation. Information may be shared confidentially.

Lisa L. Martin

Co-Team Leader/Founder

Jonathan E. Emmett

Co-Team Leader

Jim Hahne


Susan Hahne


Julie Johnston


Cathy Lynn


Kelly Harris


Alex Martin


Alice Chorum


Bailey Merrick


Benton Martin


Tristin Emmett


Contact Us!

Paranormal Science Lab provides confidential services for paranormal investigation, research and consultation to individuals, businesses and historic sites. There is no fee for investigation and consultation services.

Paranormal Science Lab also works with historic sites in presenting educational events, tours and public ghost hunts. Proceeds from public events benefit the sites in preservation and maintenance efforts.

Paranormal Science Lab welcomes informational inquiries about our services. We also invite you to share your experiences with us. Please complete the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible, Typically within 24 hours.